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201903103. Turning Point: God's Plan for Salvation - first threat to the promise - Abram and Sarai in EgyptGenesis 12:10-13:2Chew, ErnestCLICK HERE
201903033. Turning Point: God’s Plan for Salvation - The genealogy of Shem to Abram and God’s Promise to AbramGenesis 11:10-12:9Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE

201902242. Humanity’s Sin from Bad to Worse
(Genesis 5:1-6:22) : The Descendents of Noah and the Tower of Babel
Genesis 10:1-11:9Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
201902172. Humanity’s Sin from Bad to Worse
(Genesis 5:1-6:22) : The Noahic Covenant
Genesis 9:1-29Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
201902102. Humanity’s Sin from Bad to Worse
(Genesis 5:1-6:22) : The Flood
Genesis 7:1-8:22Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
201902032. Humanity’s Sin from Bad to Worse
(Genesis 5:1-6:22) : Genealogy from Adam to Noah and the corruption of mankin
Genesis 5:1-6:22Ang, EricCLICK HERE
201901271. God's original intention and consequence of the fall: Cain and Abel – Life outside the gardenGenesis 4:1-26Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
201901201. God’s Original Intention and Consequence of the Fall: curse- the fall of manGenesis 3:1-24Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
201901131. God's original intention and consequence of the fall: creationGenesis 1:1-2:25Loh, Kah WengCLICK HERE
201901061. God's original intention and consequence of the fall: Introduction to GenesisThe book of GenesisLeong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20181230Lessons on the Holy Spirit’s work in Acts and its application today. -Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20181225Christmas Service - A light for revelation to the Gentiles and the glory of your people IsraelLuke 2:22-35Tan, MichaelCLICK HERE
20181223It is because of the hope of Israel that I am bound with this chain - Paul in RomeActs 28:11-31Goh, JeffreyCLICK HERE
20181216Events at MaltaActs 28:1-10Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20181209God preserved lives through storm and shipwreckActs 27:13-44Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20181202Paul sails for RomeActs 27:1-12Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20181125“Why should any of you consider it incredible that God raises the dead?” Paul before king AgrippaActs 25:23-26:32Jesudason, DaniCLICK HERE
20181118Paul's trial before FestusActs 25:1-22Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20181111“I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man”
Paul’s defence before Felix
Acts 24:1-27Yeoh, Seng EngCLICK HERE
20181104The plot to kill PaulActs 23:12-35Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20181028Paul before the religious councilActs 22:30-23:11Quek, Mong HuaCLICK HERE
20181021Paul's testimony to the people and their response Acts 22:1-29Quak, Tiang ChyeNot uploaded
20181014Paul's journeyto JerusalemActs 21:1-40Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20181007"Now I commit you to God and to the word of His grace” – Paul’s farewell to the Ephesian eldersActs 20:13-38Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20180930Baptism service - Jesus' Baptism-Cortes, JonathanCLICK HERE
20180930Events in Macedonia, Greece and TroasActs 20:1-12Ang, EricCLICK HERE

20180923The riots in EphesusActs 19:23-41Chia, Burton
God did extraordinary miracles through Paul in EphesusActs 19:1-22Liew, Heng SanCLICK HERE
20180909The Spirit's work on Priscilla, Aquila and ApollosActs 18:18-28Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20180902The Spirit's presence with Paul in CorinthActs 18:1-17Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20180826In Him we move and have our being : the proclamation of Christ in Thessalonica, Berea and AthensActs 17:1-34Fernando, RamylalCLICK HERE
20180819Blessed to be a blessing - from stress to rest (Ladies Ministry recording)Matthew 11:28Ms Tan Yin MeiCLICK HERE
20180812The Macedonian callActs 16:6-10Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20180805New members in God's workActs 15:36-16:5Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20180729Paul and Barnabas before the Jerusalem CouncilActs 15:1-35Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20180722The Spirit’s work in Iconium, Lystra,
Derbe and Antioch
Acts 14:1-28Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20180715“Through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you”
– preaching in Antioch of Pisidia
Acts 13:13-52Cortes, JonathanCLICK HERE
20180708The Spirit's call and events at CyprusActs 12:25-13:12Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20180701Peter’s miraculous escape from prison and Herod’s deathActs 12:1-24Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20180624The church in AntiochActs 11:19-30Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20180617Peter's testimony to the believers at JerusalemActs 11:1-18Chia, BurtonCLICK HERE
20180610God does not show favouritism – the Spirit’s work on Peter and CorneliusActs 10:1-48Yap, DavidCLICK HERE
20180603Healing a paralysed man, raising a dead woman – Peter’s ministry to Aeneas and Dorcas
Acts 9:32-43Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20180520The conversion of SaulActs 9:1-19aGoh, AndrewCLICK HERE
20180513Philip and the EthiopianActs 8:26-40Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20180510Senior Citizens - LPA & AMD Talk--
20180429Stoning of StephenActs 7:54-8:1Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20180422Stephen's testimony to the SanhedrinActs 7:1-53Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20180415Opposition to the witness of StephenActs 6:8-15Peng, Chung MienCLICK HERE
20180408Organised to minister: selection of deaconsActs 6:1-7Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20180401"Tell the people all about this new life" - proclamation amidst persecutionActs 5:17-42Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20180330Good Friday ServiceWan, William CLICK HERE

20180325Signs and wonders in the early churchActs 5:12-16Leong Che YeongCLICK HERE
20180318Sharing burdens and possessions in the early churchActs 4:23-37Tan, Lai YongCLICK HERE
20180311Sin in the early churchActs 5:1-11Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20180304Salvation is found in no one else - Peter and John before the religious rulersActs 4:1-22Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20180225Peter's second sermon Acts 3:11-26Chew, Ernest CLICK HERE
20180218Healing of the lame beggarActs 3:1-10Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20180211The life of the churchActs 2:42-47Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20180204Peter's sermon on the Day of PentecostActs 2:14-41Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20180128The Holy Spirit comes at PentecostActs 2:1-13Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20180121A witness with us of His resurrection - selection of another apostleActs 1:12-26Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20180114You will be My witnessesActs 1:4-11Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20180107Introduction to ActsActs 1:1-3Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20171231Watchnight service - Thanksgiving-Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20171231Jesus' meeting with ThomasJohn 20:24-29Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20171225Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews Christmas ServiceSolomon, Robert M.CLICK HERE
20171224Christmas: a longing fulfilledLuke 2:22-35Wong, DavidCLICK HERE
20171217Only one thing is needful - Jesus at the home of Martha and MaryLuke 10:38-42Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20171210s222"Do you love me more than these?" - the restoration of PeterJohn 21:15-22Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20171203Today salvation has come to this house - Jesus at the home of the tax collectorLuke 19:1-10Pousson, EdwardCLICK HERE
20171125When Messiah comes, He will explain everything to us - the Samaritan woman at the wellJohn 4:7-19Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20171119"Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" Jesus' meeting with NathanielJohn 1:43-51Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20171112Conclusion of 1 Corinthians-Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20171105Personal requests and final greetings1 Cor 16:5-24Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20171029The collection of the Lord's people1 Cor 16:1-4Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20171022The resurrection body1 Cor 15:35-58Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20171015The resurrection of the dead in Christ1 Cor 15:12-34Cortes, JonathanCLICK HERE
20171008The resurrection of Christ1 Cor 15:1-11Tan, MalcolmCLICK HERE
20171001Good order in worship1 Cor 14:26-40Lee, Mee OnnCLICK HERE
20170924The use of tongues in worship1 Cor 14:13-25Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20170917Intelligibility in worship1 Cor 14:1-12Lee, David
20170910The most important thing of all1 Cor 13:1-13Jerusaden, DanielCLICK HERE
20170903Unity and diversity in the body1 Cor 12:12-31Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20170827Faithfulness of the Lord's disciple2 Tim 4:7-8Denysschen, GregoryCLICK HERE
20170820Spiritual legacy of the Lord's disciple2 Tim 2:2Lim, DanielCLICK HERE
20170813Sacrifice of the Lord's discipleLuke 9:23Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20170806Transformation of the Lord's discipleRom 12:1-2John, ThomasCLICK HERE
20170730Different and the same1 Cor 11:17-34Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20170723Unity at the Lord's table1 Cor 11:17-34Tan, Gee PauCLICK HERE
20170716The role of women in the church1 Cor 11:2-16Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20170709In search of a Christian ethic1 Cor 10:23-11:1Chia, Eng CHuanCLICK HERE
20170702Arousing the Lord's jealousy1 Cor 10:14-22Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20170625An example of spiritual failure1 Cor 10:1-13Yap, DavidCLICK HERE
20170618Discipline in the race of life1 Cor 9:24-27Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20170611Paul's use of his freedom1 Cor 9:15-23Quake, Tiang ChyeCLICK HERE
20170604Rights and privileges in Christian service1 Cor 9:1-14Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20170528Freedom and sensitivity to others1 Cor 8:1-13Goh, AndrewCLICK HERE
20170521A single-minded devotion to the Lord1 Cor 7:25-40Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20170514Concerning change of status1 Cor 7:17-24Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20170507From wedlock to deadlock1 Cor 7:10-16Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20170430Paul's address on the issue of marriage1 Cor 7:1-0Fernando, RamylalCLICK HERE
20170423Clean living in an unclean world1 Cor 6:12-20Ng, JohnCLICK HERE
20170416Christians in court1 Cor 6:1-11Quek, Mong Hua, JoshuaCLICK HERE
20170416Baptism service-Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20170414Boasting in the crossGood FridayWan, WilliamCLICK HERE
20170409Immorality within the church1 Cor 5:1-13Magnus, RichardRemoved
20170406Dying well, a Christian responseSenior Citizens TalkTan-Lee, KK & Lee, JasonCLICK HERE
20170402Appeal and warnings from a spiritual father1 Cor 4:14-21Chia, BurtonCLICK HERE
20170326Portrait of a servant1 Cor 4:9-13Removed
20170319The servants of Christ1 Cor 4:1-8Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20170312Wisdom of the world is foolishness with God1 Cor 3:18-23Tan, JimmyCLICK HERE
20170305The church's foundation1 Cor 3:9b-17Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20170226Co-labouring in God's field1 Cor 3:5-9aPeng, Chung MienCLICK HERE
20170219The mature and immature person1 Cor 3:1-4Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20170212The spirit of the world and the spirit of God1 Cor 2:11-16Tio, Richard
20170205The mind of Christ in the preaching of Paul1 Cor 2:1-10Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20170129The reason for boasting in the Lord1 Cor 1:26-31Chew, ErnestCLICK HERE
20170122The way of God's power and wisdom1 Cor 1:18-25Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20170115Appeal for unity in the church1 Cor 1:10-17Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20170108Greetings and thanksgiving for the believers1 Cor 1:4-9Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20170101Introduction and overview of 1 Corinthians1 Cor 1:1-3Khoo, MichaelCLICK HERE
20161231Watchnight service-Khoo, MichaelCLICK HERE
20161225Christmas service - the lightJn 9:5; Mat 5:14-16Lim, Siong GuanCLICK HERE
20161218Year End Review-Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20161211Jesus' prayerMat 6:5-15Fernando, RamylalCLICK HERE
20161204The disciples' prayer of desperationMat 8:23-27Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20161127The tax collector's prayerLuk 18:9-14Leong, Che YeongCLICK HERE
20161120Mary's prayer of praiseLuk 1:26-56Khoo, MichaelCLICK HERE
20161113Gethsemane: the place of dreadMat 26:36-46Goh, DannyCLICK HERE
20161106The call of AbrahamGen 11:27-12:9Steinberg, JosephCLICK HERE
20161030Daniel's prayer for forgivenessDan 9:1-19Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20161023Isaiah's prayer of responseIsa 6:1-8Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20161016David's prayer at commencement of the temple project1 Chron 29:6-20Maniam, FrancisCLICK HERE
20161009Heman's prayer in darknessPs 88Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20161002Moses' prayer for GodEx 33:12-23, 34:5-8Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20160925Hannah's prayer of thanksgiving1 Sam 2:1-10Goh, AndrewCLICK HERE
20161118David's prayer of repentance 2 Sam 12:13, Ps 51:1-4Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20160911Jacob's prayer for blessingGen 32:22-32Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20160904Abraham's prayer of intercessionGen 18:16-33Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20160828The urgency of missions: the need to live our everyday Christian lives as part of our missionary callingEph 5:5-21Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20160821Our call into His harvestJn 4:35-38Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20160814What a mission-minded church looks likeActs 2:42-47Maniam, FrancisCLICK HERE
20160807The mandate for mission2 Cor 5:11-21Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20160731Gospel service-Lam, EdwinCLICK HERE
20160731Gospel service sharing--CLICK HERE
20160731Conclusion of 2 Corinthians and key applications2 CorKhoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20160724Living for the truth2 Cor 13:8-14Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20160717Examine yourselves2 Cor 13:1-7John, ThomasCLICK HERE
20160710Love for the church2 Cor 12:11-21Boey, FreddyCLICK HERE
20160703Vision of paradise and virtue of pain2 Cor 12:1-10Solomon, RobertCLICK HERE
20160626Christ in the midst of our sufferings-Tan, Siang YangCLICK HERE
20160619Baptism service-Chan, DouglasCLICK HERE
20160619Faithful and false apostles2 Cor 11:1-15Quake, Tiang Chye, MatthiasCLICK HERE
20160612Paul's authority and responsibility2 Cor 10:7-18Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20160605The spiritual war2 Cor 10:1-6Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20160529Generosity encouraged2 Cor 9:6-15Wan, WilliamCLICK HERE
20160522Preparing and administering the gift2 Cor 9:1-5Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20160515Commendation of Titus2 Cor 8:16-24Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20160508Christ as our pattern2 Cor 8:8-15Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20160501Willingness to give for the Lord's people2 Cor 8:1-7Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20160424Paul's joy over the church's repentance2 Cor 7:2-16Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20160417Being the temple of the living God2 Cor 6:14-7:1Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20160410Paul's hardships and how he overcame them2 Cor 6:1-13Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20160327Our goal is to please Christ2 Cor 5:6-10Chia, BurtonCLICK HERE
20160325Good Friday-Tan, Gee PawCLICK HERE
20160320Our current home versus our eternal home2 Cor 5:1-5Khoo, MichaelCLICK HERE
20160313Present weakness and future resurrection life2 Cor 4:7-18Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20160306The light of the gospel2 Cor 4:1-6Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20160228The greater glory of the new covenant2 Cor 3:7-18Peng, Chung MienCLICK HERE
20160221Competent ministers of the new covenant2 Cor 3:1-6Chia, Eng ChuanCLICK HERE
20160214Closure for past hurts and triumph in Christ2 Cor 2:5-17Chan, SebastianCLICK HERE
20160124A minister's motivation and sincerity2 Cor 1:12-14Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20160131Our plans and God's plan2 Cor 1:15-2:4Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20160117God's deliverance from suffering2 Cor 1:8-11Chew, ErnestCLICK HERE
20160110God's comfort in suffering 2 Cor 1:1-7Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20160103Introduction of year theme and overview of 2 Corinthians2 CorKhoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20151231Watchnight service-Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20151227Year-end ReviewEcc 12:13Loon Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20151225Christmas message-Pousson, EdwardCLICK HERE
20151220Love and grace of GodRom 5:1-11Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20151213Love and grace of God - accomplishment of God's love1 John 4:13-21Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20151206Love and grace of God - source of God's love - love as Christ loved1 John 4:7-12Choo, JonathanCLICK HERE
20151129Restoration for the Lord's glory - Israel's victory in the millennial KingdomJoel 3:17-21; Revelation 20:4-6;
Isaiah 65:20-25; Isaiah 11:6-9
Chew, ErnestCLICK HERE
20151122Reckoning to the Lord - Judgment of the nationsJoel 3:1-16Wan, WilliamCLICK HERE
20151115Refreshing of the Lord - call to corporate intercessionJoel 2:18-32; Acts 2:17-21Boey, FreddyCLICK HERE
20151108Return to the Lord - the day is comingJoel 2:1-17Yap, DavidCLICK HERE
20151101The day of the Lord – prepare for the return of the bridegroom: Listening to the locusts of our livesJoel 1:1-20Lai, Pak WahCLICK HERE
20151025Rapture of the churchI Thessalonians 4:13-18;
I Corinthians 15:51-58
Quake, Tiang ChyeCLICK HERE
20151018Fear God because He will judge mankind: Judgement of believersI Corinthians 3:13-15; II Corinthians 5:10; Revelation 19:7-9Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20151011Fear God because He will judge mankind: prepared and peresevering before Christ's returnI Thessalonians 5:1-11Choo, Chin TeckCLICK HERE
20151004Fear God because He will judge mankind: be watchful and soberI Thessalonians 5:1-11; Ephesians 5:14-16Maniam, FrancisCLICK HERE
20150927Baptism service item--CLICK HERE
20150927Baptism service messageLow, Kok GuanCLICK HERE
20150927Fear God in our relationships: strife, conflicts and carnalityProv 10:12; 13:10; 15:18; 17:1,14; 22:10; 26:20; 28:25; 29:22; I Tim 6:3-5; II Tim 2:23-26; I Cor 3:3Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20150920Fear God in our relationships: principles of seeking a Godly spouseProverbs 18:22; 19:14; 12:4; 21:19; 27:15,16; 31:11,12,30; Genesis 24; II Corinthians 6:14-16Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20150913Fear God in our relationships: Godly parenting and disciplineProverbs 1:8,9;11-12; 3:11-12; 13:1; 13:24; 15:5,10; 17:25; 22:6,15; 23:13; 29:15Goh, JeffreyCLICK HERE
20150906The fear God in our relationships: acquisition and stewardship of moneyProv 10:2-4; 12:11; 15:16,17; 17:1; 20:17; 21:5,6; 28:8,22; 6:1-5; 17:18; 22:26-27Khoo, Teng CheongCLICK HERE
20150830Missions Him possible - following JesusJohn 17:4-8, 14-19; Revelation 7:9Lee, David (Mathetes Centre)CLICK HERE
20150823Missions Him-Possible: Empowered by the Spirit to be courageousActs 4, II Timothy 1:7Goh, JeffreyCLICK HERE
20150816Missions Him-Possible: Empowered by the Spirit to be missionalActs 2:1-12Lee, Young ChoonCLICK HERE
2015089Missions Him-Possible: What on earth is missionsMatthew 28:16-20; Matthew 24:14; Luke 24:47Tan, Lai YongCLICK HERE
20150802Missions Him-Possible: Mission of the churchActs 1:8; John 20:21; Mark 16:15Cortes, JonathanCLICK HERE
20150726Gospel service-Ong, Chee HongCLICK HERE
20150726The fear God in our hearts and words: restraint in our speechProverbs 10:19; 11:13; 12:23; 13:3; 15:28; 17:27,28; 18:2,13,17; 21:23; 29:20;
James 3:2
Fernando, RamylalCLICK HERE
20150719The fear God in our hearts and words: wise words of lifeProv 18:21; Prov 10:11; 11:9,11; 12:18; 15:4,23; 16:24; 25:11,12; 22:11; 31:8,9Chua, RobertCLICK HERE
20150712The fear God in our hearts and words: fear of the Lord and love of GodProverbs 3:7; 16:6; Deuteronomy 6:1-5; 1 John 4:17-19Chia, BurtonCLICK HERE
20150705The fear God in our hearts and words: wisdom of God and life: Jesus Christ in the ProverbsProverbs 8Ang, EricCLICK HERE
20150628The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: chasity and fidelityProverbs 7Choo, Chin TeckCLICK HERE
20150605Camp messages-Lee, David (Mathetes Centre)CLICK HERE
20150621The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: sexuality, love and marriageGenesis 1:26-28Maniam, FrancisCLICK HERE
20150614The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: fear of God and securityProverbs 1:27-33, 29:25, 14:26, Luke 12:4-9Lee, DavidCLICK HERE
20150607The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom: teach the fear of GodProverbs 2:1-5, 3:7, 23:17, 24:21, Proverbs 1:7, 9:10Chan, PaulCLICK HERE
20150531Coping in a wicked world: Conclusion of the quest for true value in life: Come to the Good shepherd Ecclesiastes 12:9-14; John 10:10-11, Luke 11:31Loon, Sum LoonCLICK HERE
20150524Coping in a wicked world: remember before it is too late - aging and youthEcclesiastes 11:9-12:8Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20150517Coping in a wicked world: stewardshipEcclesiastes 11:1-8Peng, Chung MienCLICK HERE
20150510Coping in a wicked world: apply wisdom of lifeEcclesiastes 10:8-20Chua, LawrenceCLICK HERE
20150503Coping in a wicked world: appreciate wisdom in others and avoid foolishnessEcclesiastes 9:13-10:7Ale, HerbertCLICK HERE
20150426Counsel for living with futility: death the great equalizerEcclesiastes 9:1-12Pousson, EdwardCLICK HERE
20150419Submit to God and AuthoritiesEcclesiastes 8:2-17, Rom 13:1-7Chan, Paul
20150412Quest for True WisdomEcclesiastes 7:15 - 8:1Chua, Robert
20150405Tests of Adversity and ProsperityEcclesiastes 7:1-14Lee, Albert
20150329True satisfaction in life and the paradox ofmaterialismEcclesiastes 6:1-12Tio, RichardCLICK HERE
20150322Inequalities and vanities of life: insufficiencies and deceit of wealthEcclesiastes 5:8-20Tan, Gee PawCLICK HERE
20150315Friendship and popularityEcclesiastes 4:7-12Lee, David
20150308Human religion and true worshipEcclesiastes 5:1-7, James 1:16-17Solomon, Robert
20150301Injustice and oppression in the worldEcclesiastes 3:16-4:6Chia, Eng Chuan
20150222Is there purpose in the events of life?Ecclesiastes 3:9-15Quek, Joshua
20150215God's appointed time and seasonsEcclesiastes 3:1-8Chan, Sebastian
20150208Futility of work - work and worryEcclesiastes 2:17-26, Matt 6:25-34Khoo, Michael
20150201Futility of intellectual pursuitEcclesiastes 2:12-18Khoo, Teng Cheong
20150125Pursuit of pleasureEcclesiastes 2:1-11, Matthew 6:19-24Ang, Eric
20150118Pursuit of wisdomEcclesiastes 1:12-18Choo, Chin Teck
20150111Is there meaning in this life?Ecclesiastes 1:1-11, James 4:13-17, John 10:10Chan, Paul
20150104Introduction of year theme and overview of Ecclesiastes - is life worth living?EcclesiastesLoon, Sum Loon
20141231Theme verse explainedGoh, Bjorn
20141231Watchnight serviceLoon, Sum Loon
20141228Year end review: the supremacy of Christ and the life of the ChristianColossians 2:6-7Choo, Chin Teck
20141225Christmas service: the promised oneIsaiah 9:6-7Fernando, Ramylal
20141221A call to continue to grow in difficult times2 Peter 3:14-18Chan, Paul
20141214The day of the Lord: believers' conduct to hasten the day of the Lord.2 Peter 3:10-13Tio, Richard
20141207Delay in Christ's second coming2 Peter 3:1-9Quake, Matthias
20141130Depravity of false teachers2 Peter 2:12-17Chua, Robert
20141123Deception of false teachers2 Peter 2:18-22Tong, Daniel
20141116Doom of false teachers2 Peter 2:4-11Chua, Robert
20141109Destructive doctrines2 Peter 2:1-3
Chia, Eng Chuan
20141102The trustworthy prophetic word2 Peter 1:12-21Lee, David
20141026Confirming one's calling and election2 Peter 1:3-11Khoo, Teng Cheong
201410192 Peter : greetings to those of "precious" faith2 Peter 1:1-2Tio, Richard
20141012Closing greetings1 Peter 5:10-14Khoo, Michael
20141005A message to younger people and believers1 Peter 5:5-9Chia, Eng Chuan
20140928A message to spiritual elders1 Peter 5:1-4Loon, Sum Loon
20140921Suffering for God 1 Peter 4:12-19Choo, Chin Teck
20140914Serving for God1 Peter 4:7-11Chan, Paul
20140907Christ's suffering and the believer's suffering1 Peter 3:13-4:6Goh, Andrew
20140831The return of the King of kingsMatthew 24:14; Revelation 22:20Tan, Malcom
20140824"I" not openJohn 4:35Chua, Lawrence
20140817Light witnessJohn 1:6-8; Acts 1:8Wong, Daniel
20140810Back to futureRoman 10:13-15Spronk, Herman
20140803Lasting call - last call2 Peter3:9-10Goh, Andrew
20140727Conduct in all situations1 Peter 3:8-12Ang, Eric
20140720Conduct at home1 Peter 3:1-7Solomon, Robert
20140713Conduct in society1 Peter 2:11-25Maniam, Francis
20140706The chosen stone and God's chosen people1 Peter 2:4-10Fernando, Ramylal
20140629The enduring word1 Peter 1:22-2:3Tio, Richard
20140622Motivations to live1 Peter 1:13-21Oh, Edward
20140615Believers have a heavenly inheritance1 Peter 1:3-12Gan, Teck ChuanNot available
20140601Introduction and background to Peter's letters1 & 2 PeterLoon, Sum Loon
20140525Final greetings, exhortation and benedictionColossians 4:16-18Maniam, Francis
20140518Paul's companions exhibit Christ-like characterColossians 4:7-15Quay, Robert
20140504Christ-likeness at workColossians 3:22-4:1Chan, Sebastian
20140427Christ-likeness in the homeColossians 3:18-21Koh Seng Chor
20140420Easter Sunday - the pre-eminent oneColossians 1:18Choo, Jonathan
20140418Good Friday - Peace through the crossColossians 1:19-20Poussen, Ed
20140413New creation in ChristColossians 3:12-17Khoo, Teng Cheong
20140406Dead to the old natureColossians 3:5-11Goh, Danny
20140330Risen with ChristColossians 3:1-4Lee, David
20140323Against ascetismColossians 2:20-23Jeyachandran L.T.
20140316Against legalism and spirit worshipColossians 2:16-19
20140309Against philosophyColossians 2:8-15Yap, David
20140302The mystery of God revealed in ChristColossians 2:1-7Chan, Paul
20140223In Paul's ministryColossians 1:24-29Tan, JimmyNot available
20140216In reconciliation Colossians 1:19-23Peng, Chung MienNot available
20140209In the churchColossians 1:18Chia, Eng Chuan
20140202In creationColossians1:15-17Chua, Robert
20140126Colossians' faith, hope and love in Christ JesusColossians 1:3-8Ang, Eric
20140119Christ's work of salvationColossians 1:9-14Boey, Freddy
20140112SalutationColossians 1:1-2Chew, Ernest
20140105Introduction to ColossiansColossiansChoo, Chin Teck
2014Good Friday-NA
20131231Watchnight service-Choo, Chin Teck
20131229Year end review 2013 Theme verse2 Timothy 2:1-2Chua, Robert
20131225Christmas Service-Wan, William
20131222Diligent and fruitful livingTitus 3:12-15Chia, Eng Chuan
20131215Avoid dissensionsTitus 3:9-11Ng, John
20131208Justified by God to become heirsTitus 3:1-8Loon, Sum Loon
20131201Sober, righteous, and godly livingTitus 2:11-15Satterthwaite, Philip
20131124Godly church practices (pt 2)Titus 2:6-10Maniam, Francis
20131117Godly church practices (pt1)Titus 2:1-5Chan, Paul
20131110Belief and behaviour - good works follow sound doctrineTitus 1:15-16Ang, Eric
20131103The Elder's taskTitus 1:10-14Solomon, Robert
20131027Qualified EldersTitus 1:5-9Maniam, Francis
20131020Background to Titus and openingTitus 1:1-4Chua, Robert
20131013Final instructions to Timothy2 Timothy 4:19-22John, Thomas
20131006Faithless people and the faithful Lord2 Timothy 4:9-18Goh, Jeffrey
20130929Ready to meet the Lord2 Timothy 4:6-8Goh, Danny
20130922Ready to preach sound doctrine2 Timothy 4:1-5Gan, Teck Chuan
20130915The man of God living by the word of God2 Timothy 3:10-17Loon, Sum Loon
20130908The coming perilous times2 Timothy 3:1-9Peng, Chung Mien
20130901The servant of the Lord2 Timothy 2:24-26Fernando, Ramylal
20130825Mission ImpossibleGoh, AndrewGoh, Andrew
20130818The urban challenge: local missionsYeoh, Seng EngYeoh, Seng Eng
20130811The urban challenge: global missionsTan, Lai YongTan, Lai Yong
20130804Missions and the heart of GodPsalm 22Chua, Thomas
20130728Workers approved to God 2 Timothy 2:14-23Magnus, RichardNOT AVAILABLE
20130721The faithful saying2 Timothy 2:11-13Quay, Robert
20130714Be strong in the grace of God2 Timothy 2:1-10Chan, Sebastian
20130707Loyalty to the faith2 Timothy 1:13-18Yap, David
20130630Be strong in the grace of God2 Timothy 1:8-12Chan, Paul
20130623Timothy's genuine faith and heritage2 Timothy 1:1-7Chia, Eng Chuan
20130616--Fernando, Ramylal
20130609Instructions to rich people1 Timothy 6:17-19Choo, Chin Teck
20130602The good confession1 Timothy 6:11-16Ang, Eric
20130526Erroneous teaching and greed lead to ungodly practices1 Timothy 6:3-10Maniam, Francis
20130519Relating to superiors1 Timothy 6:1-2Chua, Robert
20130512Exposing sin and choosing Godly people1 Timothy 5:19-25Choo, Chin Teck
20130505Honour the Elders1 Timothy 5:17-18Quek, Mong Hua
20130428Providing for widows1 Timothy 5:3-16Peck, Hock Cheng
20130421Redeemed relationships amongst church members1 Timothy 5:102Chew, ErnestNot Available
20130414Continue in the ministry1 Timothy 4:12-16Khoo, Teng Cheong
20130407A good servant of Jesus Christ1 Timothy 4:6-11Choo, Jonathan
20130331Baptism service message-Fernando, Ramylal
20130331False and true faith: application of our church discipleship1 Timothy 4Chew, Jim
20130329Good FridayPousson, Ed
20130324The mystery of godliness1 Timothy 3:4-16Loon, Sum Loon
20130310Marks of overseers in the church1 Timothy 3:1-7Oh, Edward
20130303Conduct of church members1 Timothy 2:8-15Tio, Richard
20130224One mediator Jesus Christ1 Timothy 2:5-7Chan, Paul
20130217Prayers for all peoples1 Timothy 2:1-4Gan, Teck Chuan
20130210Fight the good fight1 Timothy 1:18-20Chia, Eng Chuan
20130203Glory to God for His grace1 Timothy 1:12-17Chiang, Kenneth
20130127Meeting of Paul and TimothyActs 16:1-5Maniam, Francis
20130120No other doctrine1 Timothy 1:1-7Ang, Eric
20130113Purpose of the Law1 Timothy 1:8-11Choo, Chin Teck
20130106Paul's pastoral letters1 and 2 TimothyChua, Robert
20121231Watchnight ServiceChua, Robert
20121230Complete to do God's willHebrews 13:20-25Maniam, Francis
20121225Christmas serviceWong, Kenneth?
20121223--Chia, Eng Chuan
20121216--Tio, Richard
20121209False and true riches and teachingsHebrews 13:5-9Chan, Paul
20121202--Quay, Robert
20121125--Verwer, George
20121118Falling short of God's graceHebrews 12:12-17Fernando, Ramylal
20121111A call to endure God's chasteningHebrews 12:5-11Ang, Eric
20121104Example of Christ's enduranceHebrews 12:1-4Chong, Calvin
20121028Faithful people overcame their circumstancesHebrews 11:30-40Khoo, Michael
20121021The faith of MosesHebrews 11:23-29Choo, Jonathan
20121014The faith of the PatriarchsHebrews 11:17-22Loon, Sum Loon
20121007The faith of AbrahamHebrews 11:8-16Gan, Teck Chuan
20120930Faith that pleases GodHebrews 11:1-7Khoo, Teng Cheong
20120923Danger of drawing backHebrews 10:26-39Chang, Kenneth
20120916Christ's sacrifice restores relationshipsHebrews 10:19-25Goh, Jeffrey
20120909Christ's death perfects the sanctifiedHebrews 10:11-18Wan, William
20120902Christ's death fulfilled God's willHebrews 10:5-10Lee, David
20120826Inadequacies of earthly sacrificesHebrews 10:1-4Goh, Samuel
20120819Christ entered into heavenHebrews 9:23-28Chua, Robert
20120812Christ the mediator of a new covenantHebrews 9:15-22Chan, Sebastian
20120805The heavenly sanctuary and sacrificeHebrews 9:11-14Chew, Jim
20120805Discipleship Part 2Chew, Jim
20120805Discipleship Part 1Chew, Jim
20120729The earthly sanctuary and sacrificeHebrews 9:1-10Chan, Paul
20120722A new covenant necessitates a new preiesthood orderHebrews 8:7-13John, Thomas
20120715The new priestly service performed in heavenHebrews 8:1-6Loon, Sum Loon
20120708A perfect high priest without flawHebrews 7:26-28Fernando, Ramylal
20120701A surety of a better covenantHebrews 7:20-25Maniam, Francis
20120624The levitical piesthoodHebrews 7:11-19Peck, Hock Cheng
20120617Melchizedek, a type of Christ's priesthoodHebrews 7:1-10Choo, Jonathan
20120610God's infallible purposes in ChristHebrews 6:13-20Tio, Richard
20120603Milestones to Spiritual maturityHebrews 6:1-12Peng, Chung Mien
20120527Handling God's work - living-Choo, Chin Teck
20120520Hiding God's word - learning-Choo, Chin Teck
20120513Honouring God's worth - loving-Choo, Chin Teck
20120506High impacting, God's way - looking-Choo, Chin Teck
20120429Choo, Chin Teck
20120422The son called to priestly dutyHebrews 5:1-10Gan, Teck Chuan
20120415The High priest sympathises with manHebrews 4:14-16Khoo, Teng Cheong
20120408God's word shows man's conditionHebrews 4:11-13Chang, Kenneth
20120401God's promised restHebrews 4:1-10Khoo, Michael
20120325Disqualified from God's restHebrews 3:16-19Lee, David
20120318Partakers of ChristHebrews 3:14-15Quek, Joshua
20120311Warnings against unbeliefHebrews 3:7-13Loon, Sum Loon
20120304The superiority of Christ over Moses - in this work and personHebrews 3:1-6Oh, Edward
20120226Choo, Chin Teck
20120219Jesus calls us brethrenHebrews 2:11-13Chew, Ernest
20120212The son crowned with glory and honourHebrews 2:9Chua, Robert
20120205God's plan for humanityHebrews 2:5-8Ang, Eric
20120129Take heed to the son's words because he brings great salvation Hebrews 2:1-4Choo, Chin Teck
20120122The superiority of Christ over the angelsHebrews 1:1-3Maniam, Francis
20120115The superiority of ChristHebrews 1:1-3Maniam, Francis
20120108Overview of Hebrews-Maniam, Francis
20120101--Maniam, Francis
20111231Watchnight serviceManiam, Francis
20111225Christmas service- Lim, Chien Chong
20111218Year end reviewEphesians 2:10Lee, David
20111211Lee, Andrew
20111204Tay, Edwin
20111127Tio, Richard
20111120Lau, John
20111113Choo, Chin Teck
20111106Satterthwaite, Philip
20111030Khoo, Teng Cheong
20111023Tan, Jimmy
20111016Chia, Eng Chuan
20111009Chong, Ser Choon
20111002Ang, Eric
20110918Chua, Robert
20110911Loon, Sum Loon
20110904Wong, Kenneth
20110821Perschky, Ron
20110814Perschky, Ron
20110807Chia, Eng Chuan
20110731Chan, Paul
20110724Ng, Seng Chuan
20110717Khoo, Michael
20110417Choo, Chin Teck
20110327Chia, Eng Chuan
20110320Tio, Richard
20110306Loon, Sum Loon
20110220Chua, Robert
20110206Ang. Eric
20110116Choo, Chin Teck
20110109Lee, David?
20110102Maniam, Francis
20101231Watchnight service-Lee, Davi
20101226Year end reviewLuke 9:23Tio, Richard
20101225Christmas service - prince of peaceIsaiah 9:6-7Ng, Seng Chuan
20101219Desire of all nationsHaggai 2:7Wang, Kenneth
20101212Light of the worldJohn 9:5; Luke 2:32; 2 Samuel 23:4Lee, David
20101205Exceedingly great rewardGenesis 15:10Loon, Sum Loon
20101128Obedience to God2 Corinthians 10:1-13; Philippians 2:12-13Chang, Kenneth
20101121Active faith in God Hebrews 11:1-7Tan, Edwin
20101114A surrendered lifeJeremiah 9:23-24Chia, Eng Chuan
20101107Living in truth and uprightnessProverbs 12:22; 15:8Tan, Roland
20101031Restoration, refreshment and renewalEzekiel 36:16-32Maniam, Francis
20101024Knowing and responding to GodDeuteronomy 10:12-22Solomon, Robert
20101017Loving unity in Christ for a strong and vibrant faithJohn 13:31-35; 17:20-26Peng, Chun Mien
20101010Humility and repentanceDeuteronomy 8:1-6; 18; Philippians 2:1-11Quek, Joshua
20101003A holy relationshipDeuteronomy 7:1-11; 1 Peter 1:13-19Choo, Chin Teck
20100926Prophet of GodDaniel 12:1-13Ang, Eric
20100919Plot against DanielDaniel 6:1-28Chong, Ser Choon
20100912Persecuted for the faithDaniel 3:1-30Thomas, Brian
20100905Purpose of the heartDaniel 1:1-17Chan, Paul
20100829Towards being a missional church1 Peter 2:9-10, John 17:20-26Quay, Robert
20100822The apostles: pioneers in missionsJohn 17:16-19Tang, Peter
20100808The triune God of missionsPsalm 106, John 3:16-7, 2 Peter 3:8-9, John 17:1-5, Ephesians 1:11-23Lee, Albertal
20100801The blessed church is a missional church1 Thessalonians 1Chia, Eng Chuan
20100725A strong faith persevering through trialsPsalm 40:1-17Goh, Danny
20100718Life of an overcomerPsalm 34:8-22Chua, Robert
20100711Blessedness of answered prayerPsalm 30:1-12Chan, Sebastian
20100704Intimacy with HimPsalm 25:12-15Chew, Jim
20100627Portraits of obedience: the rechabites - obedience and integrityJeremiah 35Chia, Eng Chuan
20100620Portraits of obedience: Noah - obedience and the fear of GodGenesis 6:7; Hebrews 11:7Loon, Sum Loon
20100613Portraits Abraham - obedience and faithGenesis 22:1-19; Hebrews 11:8Chew, Chin Hin
20100606Portraits of obedience: Jesus Christ - the joy of obedienceHebrews 5:8; 12:1-2; Philippians 2:8; Psalm 40:7-8; John 4:34Chua, Robert
20100530The judgment of God: the great white throne judgment Revelation 20:11-15Ang, Eric
20100523The judgment of God: judgment and the second coming of Christ2 Peter 3:1-15Lee, David
20100516The judgment of God: departing from the faith1 Timothy 4:1-5; 2 Timothy 4:1-5; Hebrews 10:26-31Yap, David
20100509The judgment of God: the motivation for our mission2 Corinthians 5:9-21Chew, Ernest
20100425The cross of Christ: following the risenColossians 3:1-17Chan, Paul
20100418The cross of Christ: resurrection - the hope of our faith1 Corinthians 15:12-58Jesudasan, Daniel
20100411The cross of Christ: resurrection - the reality of our faith1 Corinthians 15:1-11Boey, Freddy
20100404Easter service: is the resurrection credible?Acts 26Tan, Neveille
20100328The ultimate price of materialism: What keeps you from following CHrist?Luke 18:18-30; Matthew 6:24Goh, Jeffrey
2010Good Friday
20100321The ultimate price of materialism: the reality of the afterlifeLuke 16:19-31Jeyachandran, LT
20100314The ultimate price of materialism: is your future secure?Luke 16:1-18John, Thomas
20100307The ultimate price of materialism: the paradox of materialismLuke 12:13-21Choo, Chin Teck
20100228Lose your life for JesusJohn 12:24-26Quek, Joshua
20100221Christ living in me: living by faith in the son of GodGalatians 2:16-21Loon, Sum Loon
20100214Christ living in me: taking up the crossMatthew 16:24-27
Fernando, Ramylal
20100207Christ living in me: sacrificial serviceMark 10:43-45Chia, Eng Chuan
20100131Following Christ to the end - enduring persecutionMatthew 10:16-31Chan, Paul
20100124Following CHrist: the cost of following ChristLuke 9:57-62Lee, David
20100117Following Christ: the comparisonLuke 9:46-50Maniam, Francis
20100110Following CHrist: the compelling CHristLuke 9:27-36Tio, Richard
20100103Following Christ: the challenge - "who do you say that I Am?"Lucke 9:18-26Tio, Richard
20091227Chia, Eng Chuan
20091225Christmas service
20091213Chan, Sebastian
20091206Chua, Robert
20091122Ang, Eric
20091115Gan, Teck Chuan
20091101Choo, Chin Teck
20091018Tio, Richard
20090920Ang, Eric
2009Good Friday
20081231Watchnight service-Chia, Eng Chuan
20081228Year Review1 John 4:12Chan, Paul
20081225The love of God in Jesus ChristHia, Chek Pang
20081221Jesus Christ - watching for the bridgeroomMatthew 25:1-13; Jude 20, 21Gwee, Wilson
20081214Jesus Christ - wanting the beloved Song of Solomon 2:1-17Goh, Jeffrey
20081207Jesus Christ: waiting for the Kinsman-RedeemerRuth 4:1-12
Loon, Sum Loon
20081130Return to our first loveRevelation 2:1-7Chia, Eng Chuan
20081123Run towards the finishing lineHebrews 12:1-17Cortes, Jonathan
20081109Recognize the spirit of Caleb and the spirit of the worldNumbers 14:1-9; Galatians 5:17-21, Ephesians 6:10-13Quek, Joshua
20081102Remember to live according to the SpiritRomans 8:1-17Lee, David
20081026Israel's future - restored Isaiah 11:11-12Jesudason, Daniel
20081019Israel's present - rejectedDaniel 9:24-27; Romans 11:1-12-RemovedRemoved
20081012Israel's past - electedRomans 9Peck, Hock Cheng
20081005Israel, the apple of God's eyeDeuteronomy 32:7-14; Zechariah 2:8Tio, Richard
20080928Completion of the Christian life2 Timothy 4:6-22Choo, Chin Teck
20080921Continue in Christian doctrine2 Timothy 3:1-4:5Khoo, Oon Soo
20080914Commit to faithful men 2 Timothy 2:1-26Peng Chung Mien
20080907Call to genuine faith in Christ2 Timothy 1:1-18Maniam, Francis
20080831Worship Christ the King of our lives: our personal testimony in walk and witnessPsalm 100Menon, Edward
20080824Worship Christ our merciful Shepherd: a testimony to our church Psalm 99Springsteen, Ken
20080817Worship Christ the conquering Saviour: a testimony to the nationsPsalm 98Lee, Albert
20080810Worship Christ in his majestyPsalm 97Fung, Patrick
20080803Worship Christ in his missionPsalm 96Chew, Jim
20080727Encounter with God by the Major Prophets: from DanielDaniel 1:1-21Ang, Eric
20080720Encounter with God by the Major Prophets: from EzekielEzekiel 3:1-12John, Thomas
20080713Encounter with God by the Major Prophets: from JeremiahJeremiah 1:1-19Harvey, Dave
20080706Encounter with God by the Major Prophets: from IsaiahIsaiah 6:1-13Wong, Stanley
20080629Observations of wise and wonderful waysProverbs 30:18-31
Maniam, Francis
20080622The virtuoius womanProverbs 31:10-31Chua, Robert
20080615What the Lord hatesProverbs 6:16-19Chia, Eng Chuan
20080608A life of balance and contentment Proverbs 30:5-9Goh, Jeffrey
20050703--Chew, Jim
20031102The victor's crown-Boey, Freddy