Missions Ministry

Missions Committee

The primary role of Missions Committee is to assist the Church Council and its members in fulfilling the Great Commission which the Lord Jesus Christ commanded in Matt 28:19, 20 – “Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you”.

Under the overall guidance and authority of the Church Council, the Missions Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and stewarding the Missions Policy of the Church in the following areas :

  1. raise awareness of Church members to the Church’s Missions Policy and to the goals, needs and work of missions;
  2. encourage/challenge involvement of Church members in praying, giving and going into missions;
  3. provide counsel/advice to Church members who are prayerfully considering going into full-time ministry service for the Lord;
  4. assist Church members in equipping themselves for missions by providing/arranging for training materials and programs;
  5. organize/lead short-term mission trips for Church members to give them exposure to missions;
  6. provide care/support to Church missionaries in the field and when back home on leave/Sabbatical;
  7. review/recommend to Church Council financial support to full-time workers,  missionaries and mission/Christian service organizations.

The following are some of the key programs planned by the Missions Committee :

  1. Missions prayer meetings on the last Friday of each month;
  2. Half-day prayer retreats once or twice a year;
  3. Organize missions month for church members and Sunday School scholars;
  4. Short-term mission trips – typically one or two;
  5. Regular dialogue with Church members who are in full-time ministry;
  6. Present specific needs of full-time workers and missionaries to Church Council, as and when the need arise;
  7. Annual review of financial support to full-time workers, missionaries and mission/Christian service organizations.

The Missions Committee is made of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Prayer coordinator and members.

Matthew 9:38 Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

Missions Songs

One Little Nation


One little nation set in a sea,
One little nation
God built for you and me.
One spot of glory one spot of light,
that will grow and grow and grow
to bring His light.

To many many peoples, tribes and tongues,
Throughout the generations; all around,
will be touched by His presence, forever changed,
By the glory of the risen One.

You’re a spark in a nation set in a sea,
you’re a spark in a nation
God built for you and me.
You’re one spark of glory, one spark of light,
that will grow and grow and grow to bring His light.

Build Your Church in this Land (9th August 2009)

May we love You Lord May we sing of Your greatness
How Awesome are you Lord
Speak to us through Your Word
Lead our hearts to obey Move our hearts to pray.


We pray O Lord, that Your Church in this Nation
will declare Your works, through this earth.
We pray O Lord, that the Spirit of God
Will build Your Church Lord in this land in this land.

Fill us with Your Spirit Help us to walk in Your Light
May we trust in Your Might Speak to us through Your Spirit
May our words speak Your love,
Move our hearts today.

We pray O Lord, that Your Church in this Nation
will declare Your works, through this earth.
We pray O Lord, that the Spirit of God
Will build Your Church Lord in this land in this land.

We pray O Lord, that the Spirit of God
Will build Your Church Lord on the earth
On the earth. On the earth.

Family in Missions 

  1. Pray short prayers for your missionary family during your daily routines. Set aside a regular time for longer prayer.
  2. Touch base with your missionary family as often as possible. Your children may make or buy a gift for them at Christmas.
  3. Update your missionary family with family pictures. Personalize this with a word or two or a signature from your family.
  4. Use Operation World and / or Global Prayer Digest each day during your famioydevotions, prayer time or during dinner time.
  5. Use a globe to help your children relate to the places you pray for.
  6. Invest time with your missionary family and other missionaries over dinner when they are back. Invite them to share stories about children in the area where they work.
  7. Encourage your children to make friends with international classmages same ages as yours. Invite their friends into your home and extend hospitalbilities to their parents too.
  8. Support your missionary family financially. Give regularlly to be partners with your missionaryies and to meet needs.
  9. Encourage your older children to be pen pals with missionary kids.
  10. Prayfully release your teenage children for short-term missionary exposure and service.
  11. Support your children when they too enter into missionary work.

Quotation: The life of obedience starts the minute you get off your knees. You don’t get on your knees and say, “Lord, here I am: all of me for you forever,”; then start doing your own things. You say, “Lord, what do you want me to do?” and you go and do that thing now. God is not going to cll you to Ecuador today, that is, He doesn’t want you to go today. He might call you today. Maybe He’s already called you. But He does call you to do something today in obedience. Doing that thing puts you on the road to the will of God. You are already there. Your are in touch with God. That obedience will open the way for the next thing He calls you to do, and the next thing, and the next thing. –  Elizabeth Elliot