Choir, Music & AV Ministries

“A heart in tune with God sings melodies of praise.” 

The Music Ministry is overall under the guidance of Dr Jonathan Choo.

The church choir is under the guidance of the choir conductresses Mrs Choo-Ang Li Ming and Mrs Oh Dee Jien. The choir practices for Easter and Christmas events each year.

The Bethesda Youth Music Team helps in the praise and singspiration time at each B.Y. meeting on Sunday. They are also involved in other special events like gospel outreach, baptism service, Family night, etc.

Audio-Visual team is under the guidance of Mr Vincent Chua and Mr Jeremy Khaw. They help to manage AV systems for various church programmes within and outside the church premise. They regularly train others who are interested in this ministry.

The Sunday School Music Ministry Team continues to develop younger musicians as song leaders and instrumentalists. The group also provides the weekly worship music team for the Senior Sunday School.

If you are interested to join these ministries, please contact the church office at 63455752 and the staff will connect you with the team.

Psalm 96